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You are bleeding...


A scumhunting-based setup where Phantoms and Revenants survive longer on borrowed time while Paparazzo and Sweeper borrow the talking points of town as a whole.

Villagers are replaced with Revenant to create interesting situations where people killed at night can live and give reads for longer. The average town has a lot of power from this, and can contribute much more than they might think.

Medic, Parity Cop, and Phantom are all at risk of dying to Hitman when outing, making it nonviable to out as PC for medic protection.

Paparazzo's reveal can be taken advantage of both by Hitman and by the night-kill to kill PRs before they reveal

Parity Cop is relatively weak in this setup due to the extra Hitman kill and only getting information by the start of day 3. However, a Parity Cop that survives long enough to get several checks can take over the game, as there are no roles that fool it.

Optimal Play[]

Phantom should always be trying to hit mafia members with their kill-redirecting ability. Hitting a weak town member like Revenant is better than the Phantom dying. Surviving is also important, as phantom is very strong in lategame with only 1 mafia remaining. After hitman dies, it could be worth claiming early to be nearly unkillable in lategame.

Revenant should always claim to be bleeding the day they are shot. They can then act as a confirmed townie for the day, and give dying reads. This is strong as it allows a townie with good reads to stay alive longer and push their susses, instead of being quickly shut down by the mafia.

Sweeper's optimal play is to sweep either mafia or a pr to create as much uncertainty as possible but any sweep, especially in the early game, creates a lot of fuzziness and uncertainty to the ratio of town/mafia as there is a limited amount of information in the early game.

Hitman has a very difficult position where they are trying to kill phantom or parity cop. If neither of these roles die early, they become very powerful in the late game due to parity cop having no false checks and phantom being a very risky night kill at any time in the game. Hitman cannot freely shoot in cylo to end the game, as hitting a revenant will cause them to bleed instead of instantly dying. It is best to shoot at the end of the day if Hitman wants to end the game.